Friday, 16 March 2012

Ah, I have to dedicate a post to my animals. Especially my cat or he'll never forgive me. 

Leonidas the Sparta cat.

Terrifying little feline, isn't he? :')

Cat Dictionary; 

Insomnia - 
The inability to get more than twenty hours sleep in a day.

Loyalty - 
Staying with one human for more than six weeks.

Stress - 
A condition only observed in other creatures.

Bird - 
Canned food with wings, but no can.

Flea - 
A tiny vicious dragon.

Dog - 
A large hairy overgrown flea.

Conciousness - 
That annoying time between naps.

Food - 
Something which must be taken at 30-minute intervals.

Love - 
A feeling one can only truly have for oneself.

Box - 
A possible portal to utopia which must be explored and guarded. 

Work - 
An activity carried out by mankind to maintain catkind in comfort.

Humility - 
No known definition. 

---- This was taken from a book called Utterly Adorable Cats by Helen Exley. 

Kizzie the Immortal Chinchilla

Next up is my adorable Chinchilla Kizzie, who, by the way, I'm beginning to think is immortal. 
She is nineteen years old and celebrates her birthday on the same day as me, 9th June. So, we are the same age exactly. Kinda. 
She's bobbing on a bit, but still the cutest most lovable creature I've ever known. She loves her corn cob treats and hates the food pellets she gets in her chinchilla food. 

Ellie Mae (Border Collie) and the Beautiful Belle (German Shepherd)

Ellie is my mums dog, the prettiest Collie dog ever. She is loving and loves playing ball.
Belle was my dads dog, she passed away just before Christmas, she was an amazingly loyal and protective dog. She was a complete softie and very missed.

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