Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Books I am attempting to write.

Right, so I've been writing a few books myself in my spare time and if there are any people who visit this blog, then I'd like some feedback if you could! :).
The first chapters can be found on Worthyofpublishing, my user-name is darkwolf.
Here are the titles;

 Internecivus Raptus (Murderous Thief) -- This one is a Fan-fiction story, about the Xenomorphs from Aliens vs Predators.

Pride -- A story about big cats in a world where Humans don't exist. :)
"Raven is the Princess of her Pride,
Leo is a foriegner, an outcast before birth,
but both have a great destiny written in the stars."

Reptilians -- A book about shape-shifters

There is a few more too, but I have yet to put them up. 

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